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John Starks #3


The Dominican Legend Corojo blends the taste of a Corojo wrapper with the quality of the Legend Cigar construction to give the cigar smoker a superb Corojo smoking experience at a reasonable price. If you like the peppery taste of a Corojo cigar, you’ll love smoking the Dominican Legends Corojo Toro.

Legend Cigar Toros are 6″ in length with a 54 gauge ring.

This is the sweet spot of the cigar smoking experience. It’s not a quick 30 minute smoke like a Robusto, but you’re also not in for a marathon session like a Gordo or Gran Gordo.

It’s perfect for those times when you’ve got the time to relax and enjoy a cigar, but you don’t want to bring a sleeping bag for the outing.

Of course, this is a Corojo – so even though the Toro won’t keep you overnight, by the time you’re finished, you will definitely know that you’ve smoked one.

Ring Gauge:

Single Cigar - $8.25