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John Starks #3

Gran Gordo

Basketball Legend John Starks teamed up with Master Blender Rolando Villamil to create this medium-bodied blend of fine Dominican Seco and Olor tobacco finished with a beautiful dark Brazilian Maduro wrapper.

Similar to its shorter cousin, the Gordo, the Grano Gordo sports the popular 60 gauge ring. However, at 7″ in length, you can make this cigar last the entire ballgame, depending on who’s on the mound.

We originally made this cigar on limited basis at the request of one of our longtime Legend Cigar smokers. We made it available to everyone in the lounge and it just took off. So now we’ve put it into production and are making it available to you.

Grab this one for those times when you’re ready to sit down and do some serious cigar smoking. You may need to bring the sleeping bag because you’re going be in for the night.

Ring Gauge:

Single Cigar - $8.75